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Happy Halloween 2017| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans NOLA- Birth Photographer Whimsical Photography Children Family

"You Remind me of the babe..." 

"What babe?"

"The babe with the power."

"What power?"

"The power if Voodoo."

"Who do?"

"You do,"

"Do what?"

"Remind me of the babe!"


We have had SO MUCH FUN this year!  Halloween is my FAVORITE!   Believe it or not, the kids chose our costumes this year after I showed them one of my FAVORITES, "Labyrinth".  And can we just take a moment to raise some jazz fingers that I could be Jareth, The Goblin King himself, David Bowie?!  Woohoo!  

I randomly had a good portion of what I needed.  And yes, I could not find a costume nor did I feel confident enough in my sewing ability to tackle a Ludo costume for my husband.  Therefore, he is not in in.  It is a statue.  Sad day.  BUT I'm so happy with how it turned out.  Here is the full collection:

I especially love our Sir Didymus!  lol That belly button was not intentional, but super charming.   And our baby Toby?  Phew.  My baby buddy was not having it at all!  So cranky!  


Special thanks to the amazing Bailey & Ava for our gorgeous Sarah gown.  It was AMAZING!  Trying to design and create the headpiece and necklace to do the gown justice was overwhelming at times.  I think our efforts definitely paid off.

Also, a special thanks to team member Holli Howard for photographing us when I couldn't... I tried, but couldn't be in two places at once.  And to my husband for catching blown away hats and flying props, you were the best! 

Also, side note:  That dress is my DREAM dress.  I used to have dreams of me wearing it as a child.  So happy my baby girl could wear it.  


Please share you costumes with me!  This is my favorite holiday!  I'd love to see all the festivities and costumes!  You can find me on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE!  

FRESH 48 PHOTOGRAPHY| Covington LA Mandeville LA NOLA New Orleans- Birth Photographer

Thrilled to announce that Erika Pearce Photography is now offering Fresh 48 Sessions!  

What is a Fresh 48?  

Fresh 48 is an intimate session that documents your life within the first 48 hours of birth.  This session lasts an hour and is held either in your home or your birthing facility.  Pictures of teeny tiny toes and sweet neck rolls are documented along with the bond that is flourishing.  Holy hormones!  They are floating all over the place making falling deeper in love more easily than you can ever imagine.  

Who might want a Fresh 48 session?

While anyone and everyone will love this session, most clients that book are the ones wanting to keep traffic to a minimum during their birth experience or wanting the beauty of those first moments captured while having a modest investment.  

Who will take the photos for my session?  

I have been able to grow leaps and bounds because of birth being celebrated and documented from this great community!  Thankfully, this has opened doors to bring on another team member to document births AND have Fresh 48 sessions on the calendar.  Holli Howard is now on the Birth Team!  She is amazing and has years of experience.  Her attention to detail and skill are impeccable.  Thankful to have the BEST at Erika Pearce Photography! 

H O L L I   H O W A R D

What is included?

As mentioned earlier, the session lasts for an hour within the first 48 hours after baby is born.  The price does include a gallery of 20 images.  It also will include a digital birth announcement to share on social media platforms.  

What is the price point?

The price for a Fresh 48 session is $600 plus tax.  It includes a digital gallery of 20 images for you to download.  The first THREE clients to book and pay their $300 downpayment will receive a 20% discount on this service!  That is a saving of $120!  


Please contact me for more info to have this session booked.  I so look forward to speaking with you!  You can contact me by clicking the button above to complete the form. 

Christmas Sessions|Family Photographer- Children Photography, Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans NOLA

"It's that time of year,

When the world falls in love, 

Every song you hear seems to say,

'Merry Christmas.  May your New Dreams come true!"  - The Christmas Waltz


IT'S HERE!  Details are below!  I so hope I can photograph your family this year.  Last year, these session sold so wonderfully fast.  So if I am not able to answer, don't worry.  I return calls in the order I receive them!  :) 

Samantha's Home Birth| Covington LA Mandeville LA New Orleans Birth Photographer- Home Birth Doula Midwife Photography

This birth is so special to me.  Not only did Samantha fiercely bring her new little girl into this world, but it was my first home birth.  Home birth is not a common practice on the Northshore of South Louisiana.  In fact, our region of Louisiana has the highest cesarean rate in the state!  Wowsza!  So when Samantha hired me, I jumped at the chance.  

Early on a Tuesday morning in Mandeville, LA, I got the call.  Samantha called me HERSELF and talked through her contraction.  I had an amazing young lady shadowing me for this birth.  We met and traveled together.  We got there just as Sam's water broke.  Within 30 minutes, sweet Hazel Grace was born.  It was beyond amazing.  My heart swells just thinking of it.  

This birth will forever hold a place in my heart.  I think the world of Sam and her husband Bryant.  I did before this magnificent birth and even more so after.  The midwife, Sally Acosta, and her two apprentices (shout out to Ashley and Grace!) were so kind and never doubted this mom's ability to birth AND to follow her wishes.  Her doula, Kayla Judy, is truly a joy to work with.  I always marvel at a birth with Kayla.  She knows what the mom needs and when she needs it.  She works in and out of the ebbs and flows of birth seamlessly.  Well done, birth team!  

And Sam, you are amazing.  You listened to your body.  You bravely surrendered to the pains.  You used them to bring your baby into the world.  Not only did you do all of that, but you are helping pave the way for other mothers in the Covington/Mandeville/Northshore Louisiana area.  Because you chose alternative to mainstream care, it brings us closer to helping unnecessary medical intervention and surgeries go to a place where they deserve to be... far away from our sweet mamas that birth here.  It helps them know they don't have to travel over an hour to have someone listen to their wishes.  There IS a place where medicine and having a voice can live harmoniously.  You're proof of that.  Midwifery care is gloriously beautiful.  I'm so glad you had the care you wanted and needed.  You are outstanding.  

A Mama's Guide to Choosing a Birth Photographer| Birth Photography Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans- Birth Photography

A Mama's Guide to Choosing a Birth Photographer

birth photography covington la mandeville northshore birth photographer

While chatting with people throughout my day, I will get pretty much the same looks and responses every time I tell them that I photograph births.  Awe.  Disbelief.  Confusion.  Wows.  Pretty much any exclamatory response you can imagine, I've heard.  Birth Photography is a foreign concept on the Northshore of South Louisiana.  It is uncharted waters here.  All over the country, Birth Photography is a wonderfully accepted practice.  It is a special way to preserve one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime. 

So why have a Birth Photographer? 

birth photography covington la mandeville northshore birth photographer birth

Let's start with thinking of this in terms a little bit more familiar; a wedding.  Would you ask your family or friends to photograph your wedding?  I'm sure they could take photos for you, but it probably wouldn't be exactly what you'd want.  You'd want a professional.  Someone that knows how to photograph weddings beautifully.  Someone that knows their craft and equipment.  Someone that can capture beautiful images whether it is sunshine or rain outside.  You want someone that knows how to confidently photograph your special day because you only have one chance to capture those precious moments.

The same holds true for Birth Photography.  I'm sure your spouse or family or friends could take some photos for you, but a Birth Photographer is a professional that knows exactly how to photograph a birth so your family and friends can be there for what matters most; focusing on mom and a sweet life being born.  More often than not, a mom likes her spouse and family present and available while her body is doing an amazing work.  Those we trust most should be able to focus on being that support and encouragement. 

Birth Photographers know how to shoot in tricky lighting and limited space.  They know the perfect ways to work quietly and without being seen.  They know their equipment and know it well.  They know how to serve their clients in a way that no one else can, so that everyone else in the room can focus on being with mom while she's bringing a beautiful little life into the world. 

How do I go about choosing a Birth Photographer?

birth photography covington la mandeville northshore birth photographer New Orleans

First and foremost, it is important to find someone that specializes in Birth Photography.  Every photographer specializes in something; families, weddings, children, landscapes, animals, etc.   Making sure that the person you hire specializes in birth is important because like I mentioned earlier, the conditions can prove tricky and being on call is no easy feat.  It's a lifestyle commitment.  

Secondly, find someone whose style you like.  Every artist has their own kind of beautiful to share with the world.  Birth Photography is no different.  Find someone whose point of view catches your eye.  There doesn't have to be rhyme or reason as to why you admire their work.  Just go with what speaks to your heart.  

Personality is a vital component too.  The person you hire to witness such an intimate moment will more than likely become a friend... sometimes even like family.  I know with my clients, we form a bond that is so special.  Making sure you click with the person you hire is key.  Stress or pressure can make birth really tough on mom.  Someone that brings your heart peace and comfort is a big deal.  

Finally, find someone that fits your budget.  This is a tough one.  No one likes to talk about it.  While it is very important to find someone that is in your budget, it is so incredibly important to not choose someone based on a bargain.  The price of Birth Photography is higher than other forms of photography (again much like a wedding).  That is for a few different reasons: 

  1. Being on call.   It's 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  It's dropping whatever you're doing at a moment's notice to rush out the door once the babysitter gets there to photograph a birth.   It's 3AM phone calls and 40 hour labors.  It's GLORIOUS and so fulfilling, but it is most definitely a commitment.  
  2. The hours.  Some labors are 3 hours.  Some are 40.  It's unknown and can be a long time.  
  3. It's a lot of photographs.  Everyone structures their business differently.  So whether a photographer's fee includes images or only covers their services and skill, it's a lot of photographs to take and edit.  That means hours of editing time once the birth is over.

When should I hire a Birth Photographer, and is there anything else I should be mindful about? 

birth photography covington la mandeville northshore birth new orleans

As soon as you're ready to choose someone, that's when you should reach out and make arrangements.  Someone might wait until the first trimester is over while someone else might start looking as soon as they see their first ultrasound.  That is a personal decision for the couple to make.  Birth photographers are only able to take limited clients a month.  The sooner you are ready to hire them, the better your chances to get your first choice.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • To secure that your date is "on the calendar", make sure you ask what steps need to be taken.
  • Make sure you include your spouse in the decision.  Your spouse might have reservations or be nervous at the idea that a "stranger" might be in the room when your baby is born.  Your spouse will be much more comfortable with meeting and helping in the decision making process when hiring a birth photographer.  
  • Be sure to ask what is included in the services.  With the way I structure my business, I like to give my clients options and make it a custom experience.  I have a Birth Photography fee that covers my services for photographing, being on call, editing, and a credit to go towards the different Collections I offer and a la carte items.  However, everyone structures things differently.  Make sure you ask for as much detail as what is included in the price you're paying.
  • Make sure you ask if they have a back-up photographer in place.  This is HUGE.  You need to know that who you're hiring will be available when the big day comes.  

I certainly hope this helps you on your way to figuring out the ins and outs of Birth Photography.  It is a calling.  It is a joy.  It is magnificent.  I pray your birth is full of love and wonderful memories.  I hope you find the perfect match for capturing every single moment of you bringing a precious life into the world.  If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them for you.  Please feel free to contact me.  I would truly love to be a part of this journey with you.  





Beauty & the Beast| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans- Children Photography

We are lavishly blessed with gorgeous places to photograph in Louisiana.  I had the joy to work with an amazing company out of New York recently.  Bailey and Ava makes exquisite cosplay worthy princess gowns.  I was asked to photograph her new Belle recreation.  It was impeccable.  This gown was a DREAM.  I could not have picked a better gown to photograph in the gorgeous City Park in New Orleans.  Here are some of my favorites.  

The Storybook Collection| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans- Alice

"...Even with the dream of Wonderland of long ago; and how she would feel with all their simple sorrows, and find pleasure in all their simple joys, remember her own child life, and the happy summer days." - Lewis Carroll

Strong.  Independent.  Fiercely creative and imaginative.  Passionately in love with everything... possibly with too many things.  A feminist.  Thirsty for adventure but sensible enough to be grounded by something... anything.  Driven by a desire to expand and grow, yet can't deny the pull of raising a family of her own. 

I imagine Alice strong and free-spirited.  I believe the free spirit to be an earned trait, on some level.  From her earliest formative years, her upbringing was proper and full of etiquette.  Yet, she was plucked from that place and set in a wonderful land of upside-down and inside-out.  It pushed her boundaries.  She became queen, and achieved a title all but a few dream about in the end.  That led her to know herself and know what she wants.  She's no longer afraid to stand up for who she is and what she needs.  She has a voice and uses it.  She uses that voice not only for herself but to help those that are silenced.  Creating and pushing envelopes are her favorite pastimes.  She's able to channel that into mothering.  I imagine her having boys.  Rowdy, rambunctious boys that bring chaos wherever they go.  However, to Alice, it's nothing but a walk in the park.  She's seen things far beyond what anyone can imagine, and those boys are nothing but a piece of cake that help her grow in ways she wasn't prepared for.  They are her new adventure. 


This shoot was challenging and endearing and wonderfully fun.  It was all about Alice and how I thought she might be as an adult.  I was able to step in front of the camera.  It took some help and some direction, but it came out beautifully.  I must admit, I had a hard time picking which images to use.  The ones I thought would work, turned out to be a bit overthought.  I think I might post outtakes from all of these sessions after this series is over.  Might be fun to look back.  

Thank you Amanda Pohlmann for directing this session when I couldn't.  She is able to understand my vision and help it come to life.  

Thank you to SaraJane Lowery for being our photography assistant.  She's a budding photographer and was such a joy to have on set.  She fluffed skirts and even snapped a few photos for me to try her hand at this process.  She did an excellent job. 

Thanks to Kelsey Freeman for being an amazing artist that directly inspired the shot of my boys running around me.  We tried several different things with the boys, and this was a last ditch effort.  My boys are a lot like I imagine Alice to have, and literally them running in circles was all we could get them to focus to do.  

And thank you to my husband for photographing this for me!  We make a good team, my love.  I set the camera, you focus and snap.  Thank you.  Couldn't have done it without you!  Thank you to my boys for running in circles around me too!  <3

Children Photographer| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans- Vivienne

This little lady is so magical.  Her face is so beautifully unique.  She's just a doll.  Since I took January off to vacation and enjoy my family after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I jumped into personal projects in between client session at the beginning of February.  Working around the weather has been interesting!  lol  Still, the warm weather has brought an early Spring.  Azaleas and sweet olives are blooming all over the place.  Sweet little Vivienne looks positively picturesue in-between the blooms.  We decided to shoot in a few different places.  My favorites being a little chapel and The Landing on the Bogue Falaya river.  Here are my favorites from the day, though you probably recognize a couple from my Spring Session advertisement and posting on social media.  You can find those details below.  The sessions go on sale FRIDAY, MARCH 10 @ 8AM! 

The Storybook Collection| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore Photography New Orleans- Session 1,Rapunzel

"Rapunzel was the most beautiful child under the sun.  When she was twelve years old, the witch shut her up in a tower which stood in a wood.  It had neither staircase nor doors, but only a little window quite high up in the wall." - The Brothers Grimm

No longer held captive.  No longer obeying someone else's plans.  Fulfilling dreams in the most nurturing, freeing way possible.  Giving all she has to a child that will never know the heartache of being locked away from sunshine and nature.  Always relishing in the freedom and fresh air.  Sustaining her child in any way she can, until that daughter decides that she's ready to spread her wings and fly.  

Session 1 of The Storybook Collection couldn't have been more perfect.  When I think of an adult Rapunzel, I think of a strong, fierce and tender woman.  I see her wanting to give her all to her children in the most artistic and practical ways that she can.  She wants to see her children thrive. She wants to never feel held down by her hair or another person ever again.  While her hair holds some of her identity, it will never become idolized by anyone or anything ever again.  It will never be a way she will survive in a tower again.  It is no longer her connection to the outside world.  It is now kept long enough to feel comfortable, yet short enough to not control her.  She is strong.  She is fiercely loyal.  She loves passionately and beautifully.  


Models: Maggie Schneider and her precious nursling

Maternity Photographer| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans- Baby Boy is Coming!

I love my clients.  I mean, I truly think the world of them.  When a client hires me to photograph their maternity, birth AND newborn photos, I'm pretty much a sappy mess.  It is such a HUGE honor to be asked into their lives for such a special reason.  To be trusted with such priceless memories is privilege I hold in the highest regards.  This darling baby boy is going to be so loved! I can not wait to see his sweet little entrance into the world.  His parents love him to the moon and back.  This gorgeous momma asked to be photographed in Fountainbleu State Park.  With the beach and the gorgeous sun rays peeking through the moss covered oak trees, I never question when someone wants to have their session there.  It is Louisiana in its fullest and nothing short of magical. 

It's Carnival Time!| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans- Children Photographer Child Photography

I had been planning this session in my mind for a couple of months.  I knew exactly who I wanted to photograph.  I knew what I wanted her to wear.  I didn't know that the weather would give me fits, nor that I had no idea how to style it.  Well, it all came together BEAUTIFULLY when I really buckled down and put my mind to it.  Ginger is such a gorgeous model. Not only that, but her personality is basically my spirit animal.  She's hilarious yet kind.  She adores her little brother and no problem telling you what she thinks.  I really admire that in someone.  And you know what?  It translates so well on camera.  All that personality just beams!  You should have seen the people stopping to stare at Ginger while she was truly in her element.  She looked like a doll, and was such a joy!  Downtown Covington was the perfect place to shoot this over-the-top look.  I couldn't be more pleased.  Carnival is upon us!  Let the good times roll! 

Senior Photographer| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans Family Children Senior Pics- Miah

Miah is one of my favorite people to photograph.  She had modeled for me when I first launched, and I enjoyed this session just as much, if not more, than the first time.  She radiates youth and fun.  I had the best time!  She's not afraid to take risks and is pretty much up for any kind of adventure.  I LOVE THAT ABOUT HER!  That is one of my favorite qualities about someone.  We chased the sunlight all over downtown Covington.  It was a blast!  Here are a couple of my favorite images from the day.  The sky was overcast terribly ALL day.  The clouds broke just as her session started.  It was magical indeed! 

The Storybook Collection| Covington LA Mandeville LA New Orleans- Fine Art Portraiture Children and Families

It is with my delight and excitement that I introduce you to....

The Storybook Collection, by Erika Pearce Photography.

I had have been planning this project for months.  It will explore Storybook characters how I see them.  I'll place them in modern day society and continue or further the stories through the rose or dark colored glasses, er, lenses as I imagine them to be.  Stories can end beautifully, but they aren't without trials.  Good triumphs over evil in classic fairytales, and I can't wait to explore what that means.

This is a great way to further my skill and push myself, and I'm so happy that I can share that with all of you.  I have been designing clothing and making special details to really tell a splendid story.     I can't wait for you all to see what is coming!  

"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever." - Walt Disney

Family Photography| Covington LA Mandeville LA New Orleans Children- The Berger Family

I took a little break from blogging due to vacation, but I'm BACK!  Look at this BEAUTIFUL family!  They are so kind and sweet.  We go to church together, and I'm so glad that we do.  They had reached out to me and asked if I could take their sweet little Ellie's 4 month photographs.  I was honored that they would ask.  We met at one of my favorite places in Abita Springs.  It was so incredibly cold.  It was the first time little Ellie had ever been exposed to temperatures like that. I want to say it was in the 40s, if memory serves.  She was a champ.  Her parents were too.  Thank you guys so much for letting me photograph you!  

Family Photogrpahy Children Photographer Covington LA Mandeville LA New Orleans

Fine Art Portraiture| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore New Orleans- Head shots and Friends

I love trying new places to take photographs when they catch my eye.  I've been driving by this place for AGES and a friend was on the books.  She let me know she was up for a new place and a new adventure.  We had the best time !  Here are a couple from the session.  I think we were near Goodbee or near Folsom?  I honestly am not sure, but it certainly did turn out beautifully. 

... And check out that lens flare!  <3 

Portraiture MADE for You| Family, Children, Birth, Newborn Photography- Covington LA Mandeville LA New Orleans

Occasionally, to my delight, I get an inquiry from someone new that wants to know EVERYTHING.  I always get a bit eager and enthusiastic when I can tell the conversation is headed for a string of questions about how my process works and why my pricing is so different from almost everyone. You know why I love these questions?  There are a few reasons.  

One reason is that it means that they genuinely care about the experience that they are looking for.  There are some people that want something laid back and easy. There are some people that want things perfectly executed and spotless.  There are some people that want this to be as quick of a process as possible.  You know what?  All of those people and everyone in between are perfectly and wonderfully OKAY with wanting what they want.  Everyone wants something different.  That is 100% great.  How boring... especially for artists... if we were all the same and all of our clients only wanted the same thing.  So to the client that asks me the ins and outs of why I do what I do?  I really admire your care about the service you will receive with me.  I don't get asked questions by every client that I come into contact with.  I'm equally as admiring of them because they trust my work that speaks for itself.

Secondly, I'm asked why my process is so different with an ordering session as opposed to digital downloads.  I really do understand being asked this.   When I was a little girl, I loved walking up and down my grandmother's hallway and looking at photographs.  I would study the images of my mother and her siblings as young children and teenagers.  I would look at happy photographs of my grandmother with my grandfather wearing their perfectly vintage clothing and smiling at each other.  I LOVED THIS.  I can still remember where those images hung on her walls.  I can remember the same in my grandpa's house.  Those memories are priceless.  You know what?  My parents now possess many of those photographs that have passed down to them since my grandparents' passings.  One day, they will be in my hands.  Digital images don't pass down that way.  Computers crash.  USB drives get lost.  Memory cards break.  Beautiful, preserved wall portraits can be passed down for generations.  It is so very important to me that my clients have a printed heirloom in their hands when their experience with me is finished.  That is my biggest desire for every client that I meet. 

So yes, I do offer things a little differently in the consultation phase with custom styling your session and making things as stress free for you as possible.  However, the real joy in it for me, is seeing you end your time with me with a stunning wall portrait that fits perfectly in your home.  I love styling for my clients.  I love getting to know you.  I love forming bonds.  I love when I'm fortunate enough to have a maternity session that hires me to photograph her birth that then turns into a newborn session and a one year!  I love learning more about my clients.  I love helping you shop and find clothing and accessories to make your day easier.  I love showing up to your home with a reveal of your photographs.  I love all of it.  

Serving you is a joy!  Being able to make it all tailored for you is something that l treasure.  Please contact me so we can capture your moments that will pass down for generations to come.