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Commercial Photography| French Quarter, New Orleans- Robyn&Wren

Ever have one of "those days" that are so tough that you are determined to push through at all costs?  That is what this day was for all of us.  NOLA is so big and bustling and always moving.  I love session in New Orleans.  This day was HOT!  As soon as I found parking, a torrential downpour started while my little models arrived.  After a good 30 min, the rain turned the French Quarter into a proper sauna.  Phew.  These little models were outstanding.  Modeling Autumn clothes in this heat was no small task!  At times, head to toe was covered with layers.  They were real pros!  The beautiful clothes from Robyn & Wren were easy to shoot.  The models were sticky, but easy to shoot nonetheless!  It made for a challenge, but a great memory.  Thanks to the models that worked so beautifully.  Thanks for their little siblings that came along for the ride.  Thank you to the mothers that never once complained about how drenched with sweat they were.  We did it!  We survived a sauna-like photoshoot in New Orleans!

Commercial Photographer|Covington Louisiana Session-Jonah Grace

I am blessed and grateful to work with some truly wonderful clothing designers.  Jonah Grace was the designer that took a huge chance on me.  She patiently let me refine my craft and  learn new skills.  Her clothes are so beautifully designed.  This is one from her most recent launch.  My children love her clothes.  They are comfortable and well made.

Thank you, T, for working with me.  You're amazing through and through!  

I knew the perfect location for these darling clothes would be in downtown Covington.  Louisiana boasts so much charm.  Something about downtown always gives inspiration when I shoot.  


Jonah Grace

Child Photographer, Covington/Mandeville-Little Luna

Thank you for letting my photograph you, Luna!  You were a bit under the weather, but you pulled through like a champ.  I must admit, your parents rolled out the red carpet for me with donuts and coffee.  This assured, they treasure you to the fullest, Luna.  Your family is so dear.  Please tell Mookie I said "hello" next time you see him! 

Lipgloss & the Ballerina, Covington and Mandeville Child Photographer

My ballerina just started her fifth year of dance.  She has moved up to a class that requires black leotards.  This is a HUGE milestone her mind.  She is so excited!  I had shown her my halo lighting earlier in the day, and she asked if she could have a quick shoot before class wearing some "lipstick".  Of course, I happily obliged!  Here's to a fantastic year for my Ella Joy! 

Christmas Mini Sessions| Covington Photographer, Northshore and New Orleans

This year's Christmas Mini Sessions are going to be stunning.  September 30, I'll be in NOLA at Il Mercato for my urban session.  Il Mercato is a gorgeous venue that boasts much character and class.  I have shot there before and loved every second of it.  October 22, I'll be outdoors creating a Timeless look surrounded by Louisiana's beautiful greenery.  The sessions are $200 each.  It comes with 5 digital images for download.  The session is 20 min.  You will have an online gallery to choose your images.  I also will be sending clients style layouts that compliment each location for inspiration to help you coordinate family clothing. 

Payment is due in full at the time of booking.  I open the session for booking on AUGUST 29 at 8AM.  Phone calls and voicemails are taken in the order in which they are received.  These sessions are LIMITED.  

Senior Portrait Session|Covington and Mandeville Photography-Victoria

Senior sessions are so much fun!  Victoria is starting her senior year.  She is kind and funny and very sweet.  I was asked to take her senior photos and was so excited.  Victoria used to dance ballet, and I asked if she'd indulge me a bit.  There is something so elegant about ballerinas.  Heck, there is something so beautifully elegant about just their slippers!  Here is a little sneak peek of Victoria! 

Birth Photography| Covington and Mandeville Birth-Baby Grey Eloise!

Welcome to the world, Grey Eloise!  You came into the world beautifully and gracefully.  Your mom is such a strong lady.  Your dad was a constant support.  You are loved and treasured more than you will ever know.  It was my complete honor witness you coming into the world. 

Commercial Photographer| New Orleans, Covington, Mandevillle- Robyn&Wren

I'm blessed to work with some truly amazing clothing designers.  The talents of my dear friends at Jonah Grace and Robyn & Wren are truly extraordinary.  The latter recently launched her Fall line, and I thought that the beautiful city of New Orleans would be a fantastic backdrop for these beautiful clothes.  Here are just a couple from the session.  I'll post the second half when they clothes launch.    

Cake Smash Baby Pictures| Covington and Mandeville Louisiana- Charlie-boy!

Happy Birthday to Charlie!  Okay, so maybe it wasn't his exact birthday, but we celebrated anyway.  Let me tell you something about Charlie.  He is the most fun-loving and smiley child on the face of the planet.  I've had the privilege of seeing him through his first year of life and he's been that same child from birth.  What a gift he is to this world!  So here's to a Happy Birthday for sweet Charlie!  We can celebrate your birthday year 'round, as far as I'm concerned! 

Lifestyle Newborn Session|Covington Mandeville Louisiana Photographer-Emma's Newborn Session

I honestly have the best clients ever.  They are so kind and caring.  They are genuine and sweet.  I'm not sure how the Lord brings such wonderful people in my path, but they will never know how grateful I am for my clients.  One of my biggest pleasures is to build a relationship with my clients to the point that they contact me much like a old friend would.  I was called to go visit sweet baby Emma.  She has reached the sweet age of 7 days.  It was such a special time.  Every time I enter into a session, my focus is something along the lines of, "how can I capture the feeling of this day into these photographs".  Every decoration, smell, texture, etc that I see, I absorb and try to find a way to communicate that into my photography.  Lifestyle Newborn sessions are one of my most favorite things!  Emma was just as charming today as she was last week when she made her grand debut.  Thank you, Nick & Kristen.  I was honored to be in your home today.  You two are amazing parents.  Emma is a dream, and she is a blessed little girl to have you parent her.  

Covington Birth Photography| Covington Mandeville Northshore Birth-Welcome, Baby Emma!

Kristen and Nick contacted me months ago about capturing their baby girl's entrance into this world.  Well, July 20th 2016 at 5 PM on the dot, this little dear was born!  Her mother was absolutely incredible.  She transitioned like none other.  She pushed for a mere 15 minutes and sweet Emma Florence was here!  It was my absolute honor to witness this little miracle's birth.  To see two special people like Kristen and Nick becoming parents was a joy I can never put into words. Congratulations, you two.  She is so BEAUTIFUL!  Her little cheeks and lips are so precious.  Well done!

Lifestyle Photosession|Children Photographer- Mandeville Louisiana

People ask me what I mean by "lifestyle" photography.  Lifestyle photography is capturing candid moments in a photojournalistic way.  That means exactly as it sounds.  I follow people around and take their photos.  Sure, I might direct them to look a certain direction.  Children especially can look all over the place at the same moment while making 20 different expressions.  To help with that, I make silly noises that grabs the attentions of those little ones.  They don't even have to smile, I just like to see their faces facing the camera.  Those are the moments that mothers and fathers remember.  They remember their children playing and laughing or daydreaming.  A beautiful photograph doesn't have to be limited to everyone staring at my lens and smiling.  It can be a husband and wife smiling at each other while their children read a book.  That moment is beautiful and priceless.  So here is to more lifestyle photography!  Special thanks to my little friends Peyton and Paxton.  They are so incredibly kind and full of life.  I enjoyed them so much today! 

Family Photographer|Baton Rouge Graduation Senior Portraits-LSU

Pardon my lack of blogs.  I've been pretty busy (good), but it's left me from blogging me too much (not good).  Nothing like getting back into the swing of things like a WONDERFUL celebration of this beautiful lady's final day of school.  Meet Darnisha.  Darnisha is a wife, mother, and college graduate.  She contacted me a few months ago because she wanted to document her achievement.  Darnisha returned to school with her growing family supporting her every step of the way.  The end result?  A double bachelor's degree!  She plans on using those degrees in social work to help those in need.  It honestly sounds like a beautifully developed novel, but it's her life.  I was blown away during our consultation.  She's humble and determined and grounded.  This session was an absolute joy for me.  I truly hope the same can be said for her.  We started with her individual senior portraits and ended with capturing some family moments.  Here only a couple of the TONS of amazing photographs.  I look forward to this reveal!  It's going to be amazing!